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  • Eric

    June 23, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    The other task that I had an extremely difficult time with was setting up a pentesting lab utilizing vmware workstation. I have since set up multiple virtual pentesting labs. One of the main issues were trying to understand the virtual networking aspect. The most current lab I have set up uses pfsense to distribute IP’s within lan segments to my VM’s. I have a DC with another server instance and two windows machines and a kali machine. One of the issues was understanding that in order for vmware workstation to use the bridge setting on a laptop wirelessly is you have to go into network editor and set the bridge adapter to your wireless adapter and not automatic. But I would say that setting up these labs were probably the most challenging in that a lot of tutorials don’t cover virtual networking. Vmware has extensive documentation but when your using wireless via a laptop it gets tricky. I think the community for students could really use an in depth series on setting up realistic pentesting labs and utilizing pfsense. Another crucial area that I have not seen covered really well is the area of setting up honeypots and using for example the onion security VM that has tools to analyze the traffic coming into the honeypot like snort. There are some but I know for myself it really isn’t covered well enough to feel comfortable running a honeypot. Sorry to ramble on I just think the way you explain things is amazing and so many students would benefit from your instruction in some of these areas.