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  • Shawna

    July 28, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Cybr Podcast: Series 1 – Episode 1
    TOPIC: How To Stand Out in a Crowd of Entry-Level Cyber Career Seekers!
    GUEST: Thomas Sweet – VP of Cloud Computing @ GM Financial Services

    If you have your cybersec certification or degree and are STILL seeking your first job in cybersec – but you keep finding that you don’t quite meet the experience requirements needed to land that first entry-level role – listen to this episode!

    This is a common issue – far more common than you might expect – and people are going to need to GET CREATIVE and THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX to fill the “perceived or real experience gap”… and our Cybr Team and Community of Practice want to help with that!

    You’ll learn how to stand out in the entry-level cybersec crowd with Tom Sweet who has successfully implemented and led training and upskilling programs. In this episode, he shares tips on how to overcome a lack of experience when applying for IT or cybersec jobs, and what skills/technologies to focus on learning. He also shares advice on how to make your resume, experience, and online presence stand out from the crowd, and more. Tons of actionable advice in this episode!

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