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  • Christophe

    May 4, 2021 at 4:15 pm

    There are a few differences between purchasing from Udemy and purchasing from Cybr directly.

    1- Udemy takes a significant percentage of the sale (64%), while authors only make 37% (after all fees). So purchasing from Cybr directly is a huge help!

    2- While I do my best to keep both of the courses up to date, I prioritize fixing and updating the course on Cybr first. So anytime I add new content or make any modifications, they will apply to the course on Cybr before they are also applied to the Udemy course

    3- You can purchase bundles on Cybr that include the course + the ebook version of the course. This is not available on Udemy. Even the free ebook downloads are not available there.

    4- Lessons on the Cybr platform include the written lesson in addition to the video lesson, whereas on Udemy you will only get access to the video lessons.

    5- There are other restrictions on Udemy that don’t exist on the Cybr platform, that I think long-term will make learning cybersecurity a lot more fun here!

    In any case, because you already purchased the course there, I’ve given you access to it here as well, so there is no need to purchase it twice!