GuardDuty Sandbox

Use this sandbox to explore the Amazon GuardDuty service without having to start a 30-day trial in your own account. There is no particular scenario or end goal with sandboxes, but we recommend clicking around the service to see what features it offers, and then generating findings under Settings -> Sample findings -> Generate sample findings. You can then go to Findings in the menu to view a list of over 100 generated findings, and you can click on individual ones for more details. The rest of the features are currently read-only, though we may change that in the future.

Members can find this sandbox in the Introduction to AWS Security course

What's a Sandbox?

Sandboxes are Hands-On Labs just like our other labs, but they don’t have a specific scenario in mind. They give you the opportunity to practice using an AWS service free of charge and without any cleanup.

Practical Learning. Dive in and learn cloud security at your own pace with real AWS resources and real-world scenarios

1-Click Deployments. AWS lab environments at the click of a button. Skip the hassle of creating practice accounts and dive straight into using real resources

Risk Free. Keep vulnerable training environments far away from your corporate resources.

Never worry about costs. No surprise bills when you forget to turn off or delete resources

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