Wireless Deauthentication Attacks

In this project-based course, you will learn the fundamentals of deauthentication attacks, how to build, program, and use your very own deauther device, and how to defend against this type of attack. You will learn the concepts of deauthentication attacks from both a blue and red team perspective, the exact parts you need to build the same deauther device as shown in the course (for only ~$5 in parts), and how to install the required software on your ESP8266 board. After that, you'll execute your first attacks against devices in your own network. Then, you'll learn what can be done to defend against this type of attack. Finally, you'll see a number of different deauther device examples including a deauther watch and a deauther hidden in plain sight, to inspire you to build your own project and share with the community! This is a fun project that anyone with an appetite to learn can complete from their own home. Enroll for free and let's learn some networking security!
Juan · May 10, 2021