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Q4 2023 (In Progress)

  • Launch of Getting Started with AWS CloudTrail for Security
  • Launch of IAM PrivEsc 🧪 Hands-On Labs course
  • Early Preview launch of AWS Certified Security Specialty Preparation Course

Q1 2024

  • Launch of Threat Detection and Response with AWS CloudTrail 
  • Refresh of our Introduction to Application Security course
  • Launch of Container Security in AWS (ECS / EKS) content including courses and labs
  • More to be announced…

Please note that this roadmap is subject to change. If you have any questions or requests, contact us!

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What learners say about us

"I have to say that these are the most thorough, comprehensive and well-structured courses of study that I have found. Ever. It is rare to find a true subject matter expert who is also a good instructor. And even rarer is it possible to find that combination with a well-structured course of instruction. Such are your courses."
tom Derenthal Cybr Testimonial
Tom Derenthal
Cybersecurity Analyst
"Can confirm this security+ course was amazing! Christophe has a way of explaining concepts that make sense. I highly recommend it 👌"
Melissa Ortiz Cybr testimonial
Melissa Ortiz
Data Center Specialist - Cybersecurity
"That was the absolute coolest thing I have done in a while"
Eric Gimbel
Pentester at Tyler Technologies
"This course is so well made. I'm hooked...binge learning SQL injection attacks"
Kripa R.
Azure DevOps
"Learned about the really useful tools that are out there to strategically incorporate security into web and mobile applications from the very beginning and throughout the SDLC and also how to effectively assess and act on the state of existing applications. I can definitely see myself continuously referring back to these lessons in the future."
Bushra K.
Cybr Learner
"I've got about 3 years in software security with about 23 years in information and DOD security. While I was familiar with XSS I always thought it was a unique and not so dangerous vulnerability. Your course showed me just how damaging XSS could be, and the various ways to assess and mitigate XSS vulnerabilities. I’ll be incorporating your tools and processes in the way I work with teams to evaluate their products."​
Matthew H testimonial
Matthew H.
AppSec Engineer
"Great material on this course taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. The combination between brief dynamic explanations and hands on practice, really helped me understand the content and how to use it in the field."
Juan Fernandez Cybr testimonial
Juan Fernandez
Consultant & Systems Engineer
"Christophe has done an amazing job sharing and describing the practical use of sqlmap and its necessity in programs like bug bounty etc. This course provides the practical labs for harnessing skills in SQL Injection techniques through sqlmap. Not only the basics but the reconnaissance, vulnerability assessment & vulnerability exploitation phases have been dealt thoroughly. After completing this course my interest towards red teaming has increased a thousand times. I would recommend this amazing course to all red team folks. I am sure that this one is worth your time."
Muhammad Huzaifa testimonial
Muhammad H.
Cybr Learner
"Very good explanations and walkthrough of many of the concepts of XSS. Much better than several other overview courses I've seen."
Robert King Testimonial
Robert King
Cybr Learner
"Absolutely fantastic. THANK YOU"
Adon Delpit testimonial
Adon Delpit
SOC Analyst


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