Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of networking for your IT and cybersecurity career

Networking is easily one of the most recommended topics to learn for anyone interested in an IT or cybersecurity career, making it one of the most important skills to build when starting out.

Regardless of what job you end up choosing, having a foundational understanding of how data travels all around us is extremely beneficial.

In this course, you’re going to build that foundation.


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Learn core concepts of networking

Learn concepts that will be useful throughout your IT and Cybersecurity career.

Explore the OSI and TCP/IP Models

The OSI and TCP/IP models have shaped how the internet functions, so this is our starting point. What are these models? How do they compare to one another? What should you know about them? These are questions we answer as we get started in the course.

Learn about the physical layer

How are we able to communicate with people across different continents? How does wifi work? How do wired networks work? Let’s take a look!

Learn about the data link layer

MAC addresses, MAC Address Tables, switches, and Broadcast Domains, are all critical components to making networks work.

Learn about the network layer

In this section, we cover:

  1. IP addressing
  2. Routers and Routing Tables
  3. Network Masks
  4. Network and Host IDs
  5. Default Gateways
  6. Reserved, Public, and Private IPs
  7. IPv6 vs IPv4
  8. Network Address Translation (NATs)

Learn about the transport layer and the 3-way handshake

The transport layer dictates whether data will be transported via TCP or UDP, and which port will be used. We also learn about the 3-way handshake which is an important concept to know, and we explore potential attacks.

...and see how it all ties together

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