The Practical Guide to sqlmap for SQL Injection

The Practical Guide to sqlmap for SQL Injection

Learn how to use sqlmap in-depth for professional engagements (including pentests & bug bounties)

sqlmap is the most powerful and widely used SQL injection tool, and for good reason. It packs an impressive array of features and options specifically crafted to fingerprint, enumerate, and takeover databases as well as underlying systems.

Join me in this course to learn how to use every option and feature that sqlmap has in a wide variety of realistic scenarios.

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We believe in practical learning

Covering concepts is important, but applying those concepts is even more important. This course combines concepts with practice to become your practical guide.

Explore every single option and feature sqlmap offers

Learn how to use every option that sqlmap has, how they can be used together, and when each one is most appropriate or helpful to use based on scenarios.

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Learn how to fingerprint, enumerate, and takeover

We cover sqlmap’s 3 main phases:

  1. Fingerprint
  2. Enumerate
  3. Takeover

That way, you can confidently use sqlmap regardless of what your engagement calls for.

Learn how to bypass WAFs and evade security controls

We learn about WAFs, how to use Tamper scripts, how to mask sqlmap’s true identity, and how to use it anonymously to evade IP blocks for red team engagements.

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"Christophe has done an amazing job sharing and describing the practical use of sqlmap and its necessity in programs like bug bounty etc. This course provides the practical labs for harnessing skills in SQL Injection techniques through sqlmap. Not only the basics but the reconnaissance, vulnerability assessment & vulnerability exploitation phases have been dealt thoroughly. After completing this course my interest towards red teaming has increased a thousand times. I would recommend this amazing course to all red team folks. I am sure that this one is worth your time."
Muhammad Huzaifa testimonial
Muhammad H.
Cybr student
"I am going deep into your SQLMap course and my confidence is growing, thank you so much. Your course is pure gold"
Anthony M. Testimonial
Anthony M.
Cybr student
"I've watched all your guides about sql injection. I have just finished with this course. I am satisfied, surely the part relating to bypassing WAFs will need to be explored. Excellent video quality, this helped me to follow the lessons very well, despite the fact my level of English is still not very good. Thank you very much for your professionalism."
Roberta Nerla testimonial
Roberta Nerla
Cybr student
"Great material on this course taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. The combination between brief dynamic explanations and hands on practice, really helped me understand the content and how to use it in the field."
Juan Fernandez testimonial
Juan Fernandez
Cybr student
"I love the course & it is exactly what I thought it would be, and the way you explain everything is so easy to understand"
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