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One of the most humbling experiences of my life was randomly running into 3 of my students at a conference in NYC.

We were at a rooftop bar for a networking event, and I had gone to shake hands. As I walked towards a group, wearing my branded shirt, they turned to stare at me. While I couldn’t tell what they were saying to each other, I knew they were talking about me. Was it good? Bad? Only one way to find out: go so hello.

“Hi, I’m Christophe. How’s it going?”

“No way!” one of them said

“I recognize his voice!” another one said as he bumped the arm of his friend standing next to him.

This was the first time I had ever met my students in person, so I had no idea how to react. They went on and on talking about how I had helped them get their jobs, or helped them get promotions and raises.

It was a surreal experience that I will never forget.

Why am I sharing this story?

Because most of us go through life trying to find our calling. For me, it was trying to find a career that would be intensely interesting, while putting me in positions of always learning, yet also helping others in the process.

It didn’t dawn on me until that evening that I had found a calling that checked all three of those boxes! I wasn’t just creating training material (and learning a boatload in the process). I was helping other people learn and, as a result, changing their lives for the better.

Ask any other person who has created training content for a while, and they’ll share similar stories.

Or better yet, become one of those yourself by creating your own training content and getting paid in the process. We’re always looking for more independent Course Authors, and we’d love to talk to you about creating cybersecurity courses for the Cybr community and training platform.

Interested? Find out more details and reach out!

We’re also always looking for blog posts, ebooks, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources. Here’s more information on how to contribute to the community!

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