How to get your first cybersecurity job with Emily Pearson

Emily Pearson podcast episode

When I first met Emily, she was still in the process of transitioning into the field of cybersecurity from her career in the Navy and from being a full-time student. A short while later, she was moving to Seattle with her first full-time job in cybersecurity.

Along the way, she also managed to find time (I don’t know how!) to study for and pass her Security+ certification.

Naturally, I was thrilled to welcome her to the Cybr Podcast so that I could ask her questions about how she transitioned from active duty to the cybersecurity industry, and what she learned along the way. Was her education key to getting the SOC Analyst job? Was it the certification? A combination of those things and more?

Also, how did she study for the certification, and what tips can she share?

Check out her answers in the podcast episode:

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