AWS Services and Concepts on the AWS Security Specialty Exam

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Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start studying for an exam. With so much to learn and so many different topics, what should you focus on and where should you start?

If you’re interested in getting the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification, then here are the main AWS services, features, concepts, and tools that you can expect to see on the exam 👇👇👇

Note: this doesn’t mean these are the only services/topics you’ll get tested on. AWS can make changes at any time, and this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. Plus, everyone’s version of the exam will be slightly different. However, these are the core topics you can expect to see.

🕵️‍♀️ Management and Governance

📌 AWS CloudTrail
📌 Amazon CloudWatch
📌 AWS Config
📌 AWS Organizations
📌 AWS Systems Manager (SSM)
📌 AWS Trusted Advisor

🛜 Networking and Content Delivery Security

📍 Amazon VPC
📍 Network Access Analyzer
📍 Security Groups (SGs)
📍 VPC Endpoints
📍 CloudFront

🔐 Security, Identity, and Compliance

🔴 AWS Audit Manager
🔴 AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
🔴 AWS CloudHSM
🔴 Amazon Detective
🔴 AWS Directory Service
🔴 AWS Firewall Manager
🔴 Amazon GuardDuty
🔴 AWS IAM Identity Center (SSO)
🔴 Amazon Inspector
🔴 Amazon Macie
🔴 AWS Network Firewall
🔴 AWS Security Hub
🔴 AWS Shield
🔴 AWS RAM (Resource Access Manager)
🔴 IAM Policies/Roles/Users/Groups
🔴 Amazon Cognito

✨ Other important services

🟠 Amazon S3 (including security features and general storage knowledge)
🟠 Amazon SNS
🟠 Amazon EventBridge

🤔 What do you think? Am I missing any important services that might show up on the exam? Let me know in the comments below.

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Cheat sheet of AWS services, features, concepts, and tools you might see on the Certified Security Specialty exam

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