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Christophe June 16, 2023

Hi, and welcome to our DevSecOps Fundamentals course!

Where are the videos?

This is the very first course that we are publishing as text-only, meaning that we are not currently planning on adding video lessons. Why? Because creating (quality) video content takes a serious amount of effort. By publishing text-only courses, we can better gauge interest in the course before we invest the required time, money, and people developing the video lessons.

So with that, if you’d like for us to add video lessons to this course, please comment below letting us know and we will prioritize the most requested courses!

Or, if you enjoy the text-only approach, we would also love to hear that feedback below.

About the syllabus

This DevSecOps Fundamentals course will cover each stage of the software development and DevOps lifecycle:

  • Plan
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Operate & Monitor

This is a fundamentals course, which means most of these topics will be explained at a higher level. If you would like any of the topics to be explained at a deeper level or with more practical examples, please let us know as we’re always collecting feedback for future courses to build.

Who can access this course?

This course is currently only available to Cybr Members, meaning members who are subscribed to our Monthly or Yearly memberships. We do not have plans on making this course available for individual purchase at this time.

Let’s get started!

Let us know if you have any questions by commenting below, but otherwise, let’s get you started learning with this course! Enjoy!


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