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Incident Response with CloudTrail and Athena

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Important! Use a separate AWS account for this course

Christophe January 28, 2024

Do not use an existing AWS account for this course unless it’s meant strictly for sandboxing! Create a new and separate AWS account that does not have any relationship to production accounts. This is very important because we are going to be performing changes and destructive actions on purpose.

There’s also no excuse not to create a sandbox account, because creating a new and separate account is super easy. A quick trick for this is to use the + symbol in your email. So for example, if your email address is:
Code language: CSS (css)

You can create a new account with:
[email protected]
Code language: CSS (css)

Or it can be text instead of numbers, but you get the idea.

If you are starting from a brand new account already, then you are good to go. But do not continue on with this course on an account that runs any sort of production resources whatsoever. This is very important.


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