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[Cheat Sheet] IAM Enumeration CLI Commands

Christophe February 6, 2024
# AWS Secrets Manager Enumeration CLI commands
## Retrieves general and specific Secrets Manager information including listing secrets, retrieving resource-policy permissions, and retrieving stored secrets .
## These are meant to be non-destructive enumeration commands. They only retrieve information. They do not modify resources.
## However, keep in mind these actions will still get logged and potentially trigger alerts if the AWS account has monitoring & logging enabled.
# Documentation: https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/secretsmanager/index.html#cli-aws-secretsmanager

aws secretsmanager list-secrets [--include-planned-deletion | --no-include-planned-deletion] 
# Retrieves a list of secrets stored in Secrets Manager in that AWS account
# Does not include secrets marked for deletion unless you use optional [--include-planned-deletion]
# --include-planned-deletion: This option tells the system that when you ask for a list of secrets, it should also show you the ones that are set to be deleted in the future
# --no-include-planned-deletion: This option is the opposite. It tells the system that when you ask for a list of secrets, you don't want to see the ones that are planned to delete in the future.
# To issue this command, you must have secretsmanager:ListSecrets access

aws secretsmanager list-secret-version-ids --secret-id <value> 
# Lists the versions for a specific secret
# To issue this command, you must have secretsmanager:ListSecretVersionIds access

aws secretsmanager get-resource-policy --secret-id <value> 
# Secrets in Secrets Manager can have resource-based permissions policies attached (this is optional but a recommended security practice). This command retrieves it for a particular secret.
# To issue this command, you must have secretsmanager:GetResourcePolicys access

aws secretsmanager describe-secret --secret-id <value> 
# Gets the details for a secret, but doesn't include the secret value
# It does provide the Arn, Name, Description, KmsKeyId, whether rotation is enabled, and more
# To issue this command, you must have secretsmanager:DescribeSecret access

aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id <value> [--version-id <value>] [--version-stage <value>] 
# This retrieves the secret value as either SecretString or SecretBinary
# If you don't specify the optional [--version-id], it will grab the current version
# To issue this command, you must have secretsmanager:GetSecretValue accessCode language: PHP (php)


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