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Pentesting AWS Environments with Pacu, CloudGoat, and ChatGPT

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  1. Introduction

    About the course and author
  2. About using CloudGoat, Pacu, and ChatGPT
  3. Who this course is for
  4. Important quick note on AWS resource pricing
  5. [LAB] Create a billing alert to avoid surprise bills
  6. We want your feedback
  7. Setting up our lab environment
    Read this before installing Pacu/CloudGoat!
  8. [DEMO] Pacu [Option #1] Install with pip [Recommended]
  9. [DEMO] Pacu [Option #2] Use with Docker
  10. [DEMO] CloudGoat [Option #1] Install with Git
  11. [DEMO] CloudGoat [Option #2] Running with Docker
  12. [DEMO] Configuring AWS access credentials for CloudGoat
  13. [DEMO] Configuring AWS access credentials
  14. Getting started with Pacu
    Pacu Quick Start Guide
  15. IAM Privilege Escalation by Misconfiguration (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  16. [DEMO] Admin privilege escalation demonstration
  17. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  18. Vulnerable Lambda (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  19. [DEMO] Creating our lab environment
  20. [DEMO] Exploiting vulnerable Lambda functions for admin access
  21. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  22. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  23. [LAB] [CTF] Lambda SQLi PrivEsc to Access Secret
  24. IAM Privilege Escalation by Rollback (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  25. [DEMO] Exploiting IAM versions
  26. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  27. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  28. [LAB] [CTF] PrivEsc via IAM Version Rollback
  29. Cloud Breach via S3 (Small / Moderate)
    Scenario walkthrough
  30. [LAB] [DEMO] Exploiting EC2 to reach S3
  31. Preventing this exploit
  32. Cleaning up our lab environment
  33. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  34. ECS Takeover (Medium / Moderate)
    Scenario walkthrough
  35. [DEMO] ECS RCE exploit to get credentials
  36. [DEMO] ECS Takeover
  37. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  38. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  39. Wrap-up and Key Takeaways
    What's next?
  40. We want your feedback
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About the course and author

Christophe August 27, 2023

Welcome to our course!

About the author

Hi, I’m Christophe Limpalair, and I’m the author of this course. I’m the founder and an author at Cybr, where I’ve published many courses on topics of cloud security and ethical hacking. You may also know me from Linux Academy, where I taught multiple AWS courses including AWS certification courses. I taught for the AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, and the AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications.

There, I helped build, manage, and secure production AWS infrastructure that ran as a $1m/year budget.

Through that and other experiences, I learned how to properly design and secure AWS environments and resources. I continue to build on AWS for our platform at Cybr, and for various consulting gigs.

All that to say: I have years of experience working in AWS and building as well as securing production environments, and I’m now working on sharing my experiences in this (and other) courses to help you secure your own AWS resources.

For more details about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile and feel free to connect!

About the course

This course is going to be very hands-on, so I hope you’re ready to roll up your sleeves. We’re going to be using an open-source tool called CloudGoat developed by RhinoSecurity Labs in order to deploy pre-made lab environments with scenarios.

I chose CloudGoat because anyone can use it to deploy their own lab environments in their own AWS accounts whenever they want.

In addition to using the AWS command line interface, we’ll be using a cloud penetration testing tool called Pacu which, funny enough, was also developed and open-sourced by RhinoSecurity Labs.

We will also be using ChatGPT to help us progress along. I’m sure most of you know what ChatGPT is by now, so we’ll skip the introduction, but we will be using ChatGPT to help us craft commands, get passed roadblocks, and overall speed up what would otherwise take some time to accomplish.

ChatGPT is an awesome tool that we can use in our day-to-day for security purposes, and my goal with adding it to this course was to help you see how you can do that.

We’ll talk a little bit more about these tools and what we’ll be learning in this course in the following two lessons, so for now let’s leave it at that!


This was a very fun course to create, and so I hope you have just as much fun learning from it!

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and let’s get started!


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