Practical Guide to AWS IAM Roles

Learn how to use IAM Roles like the pros. This course answers questions like:

  • What are IAM roles and how are they different from users?
  • When should you use roles, and how?
  • What are differences between trust policies, managed policies, and inline policies?
  • What's an effective way to assume roles?
  • How does role chaining work? How does cross-account access work?
  • What is IAM Roles Anywhere and how does it work?
  • What are service-linked roles, and how are they different from service roles?
  • What are security implications of using roles?

You'll also learn some helpful tips, tricks, and useful tools to make using roles easier and more effective.

We start off with a few conceptual lessons to cover key concepts, and then we dive into practical hands-on learning.

Christophe · January 31, 2024

This course is in Early Preview, meaning that we are still adding material to the lessons. We are working on the video content, so some of the lessons may be text-only at the moment.

Early Preview progress:

  • Text lessons: 100% complete
  • Video lessons: 28% complete

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