Practical Guide to AWS IAM Roles

Learn how to use IAM Roles like the pros. This course answers questions like:

  • What are IAM roles and how are they different from users?
  • When should you use roles, and how?
  • What are differences between trust policies, managed policies, and inline policies?
  • What's an effective way to assume roles?
  • How does role chaining work? How does cross-account access work?
  • What is IAM Roles Anywhere and how does it work?
  • What are service-linked roles, and how are they different from service roles?
  • What are security implications of using roles?

You'll also learn some helpful tips, tricks, and useful tools to make using roles easier and more effective.

We start off with a few conceptual lessons to cover key concepts, and then we dive into practical hands-on learning.

Christophe · January 31, 2024