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What you will need for this course

Christophe January 31, 2024

This course is going to keep things very focused on learning one thing: IAM Roles.

What you need to get started

To do that, you’ll need a few things:

  • A non-production* AWS account — if you don’t already have one, follow steps here to create one
  • An AWS user (either IAM User or Identity Center user) — I explain this in greater detail in the “Create a user” lesson of the course if you need help with that or aren’t sure what that means
  • The AWS CLI installed — if you don’t already have it, follow the simple steps here to install it or learn how to use it with our lab

*Even if you already have an AWS account, do not use that account if it’s running any sort of production resource. All learning should be done in a completely separate sandbox account to protect production. It doesn’t cost anything extra as accounts are free.

Speaking of costs…

Costs associated with this course: $0 – *

You can spend $0 all the way to a few dollars depending on what you want to practice and do, but you will not be required to do anything in this course that would cost money and I will give a heads up if I show something that costs so you can skip it if you want.

If you want peace of mind, though, follow my steps here to create Budgets in AWS that will notify you if you ever get near or exceed a preset budget (which can be anything you want).


That’s about it though! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, see you in the course!


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