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  • Posted by Christopher on September 3, 2023 at 11:01 am
    • Where are you on your cybersecurity journey? What is your Current Role? I am currently a self-paced learner. I am completely new to the industry with about 6wks of studying. I have some hobby web development experience and have played with Linux a bit for fun, like Ubuntu web servers, SMB file server, firewalls etc.
    • What is your current Cybersecurity Goal? I am already focusing on getting the Google Cybersecurity Professional Cert, then I plan to pass the CompTIA Security+, ISC2 CC to become a member and eventually the CISSP and CGRC from ISC2. I may also look into further CompTIA Certs as it’s pretty recognized. I really enjoy learning and that’s one of the main things I love about IT.
    • What do you NEED the most “from us” to help you succeed? Really, more content and a wider range of options. Such as self hosted lab options via VM etc, AWS isn’t for everyone. Content is a big factor, especially entry-level type of content. Command line, hardening, detection, malware removal, scanning, SIEM training etc.
    • What would you like to do to help others succeed in cybersec? I fully plan to contribute to the community where I can. I am a very strong supporter of sharing knowledge. Although, I am new to the field, I have already put quite a lot of time in and will continue to do so. I feel learning with the intention of teaching others is the best way to truly learn a topic.

      I am so happy to be here and look forward to watching this community grow further.

    Christophe replied 9 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Christophe

    September 12, 2023 at 9:17 am

    Christopher, welcome to the community and thanks for your intro post! Those hobbies with web dev and Linux will definitely get you a running start. Not sure what order you plan on taking the certs you listed, but the ISC2 CC will be a walk in the park after passing the Security+. There’s a lot of overlap but the CC is easier (assuming they haven’t changed it since I took the beta).

    I hear you about getting more and wider range of content options on the platform. It definitely takes time to build quality content, and it’s also become a very competitive area. There’s a bunch of training out there that will teach the command line, Linux, web dev, etc, but there’s not that much training that truly focuses on teaching cloud security, which is a rapidly growing field with lots of job opportunities and a real need. That’s why we’ve started focusing more on that specialty because I think we can make a bigger impact on focusing in an underdeveloped area than trying to compete with all of the other trainers in the space teaching basically the same skills, just in a different way :). Of course, learning cloud security also requires learning about hardening, detection, CLI, SIEM, etc…and so those will be areas that we continue building training for, just with a nod towards AWS and cloud.

    I know that won’t be for everyone but I hope we end up producing content that you are interested and I’m always open to feedback on our topics and our content so please don’t hesitate to jump in!

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