Introducing CloudSec.Cybr

CloudSec.Cybr Announcement

One day I was looking at a mess of notes I’ve created and collected from years’ worth of research, learning, and experience. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a good way for me to turn this hidden wealth of knowledge into an easily accessible and open repository. After all, I share a lot of that in my courses, but courses take a significant amount of time to create, and meanwhile, all of this information is just sitting there collecting dust. Plus, it’s a completely different learning format.

Then it dawned on me…why not literally turn my notes into a repo of open and public knowledge…?

So today, I’m introducing CloudSec.Cybr, a public repository for all things cloud security.

While I will continue to add my own notes and experiences for many months (and hopefully years) to come, we welcome contributions for anything and everything related to cloud security: AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, and related topics like DevSecOps, cloud pentesting & assessments, secrets management, IaC, etc…

Basically, if it’s related to cloud security and it’s free or open source, we’re interested in adding it!

Check out the repository here: (and please give it a star!)

Check out contribution guidelines here:

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